Nature\’s Hormone Solution: Experience Relief

Wild yam cream may be used as a natural remedy for menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms. It is believed to contain compounds that can mimic the effects of estrogen in the body. Some people also use wild yam cream as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for these symptoms. There are also many other uses for this wonderful, natural cream.

Here are some other benefits:

Amenorrhea: Absence of menstruation bleeding or suppression of menstruation. Women report returning to normal cycles within three months of using the Menstrual Discomfort protocols. 

Aroma: Contains a natural preservative produced from essential oils. 

Breast lumps and Fibroid cysts: Many women have reported with delight the complete disappearance of these conditions within months of using the cream. 

Breast feeding: There is strong evidence to suggest that children receiving a healthy dose of hormones, Progesterone in particular, through their mother’s milk develop higher than normal IQ’s. 

Bone density: Women who have used the cream over extended periods have reported improvement in their bone density with their bi-annual checks, including women with advanced osteoporosis. (The hormone progesterone facilitates the osteoblast bone building activity) 

NOTE: We recommend that women wishing to improve bone density should also include supplementation and weight bearing exercise along with our cream in their program. 

Contraception: We do not recommend the use of our cream in any way as a contraceptive. If a woman using an oral contraceptive wishes to normalize her menstrual cycle, we suggest that they use safe sex methods while using our cream to re balance their hormones. 

Contra-indications: A very small percentage of women may experience an allergic response to one or other of the ingredients (less than 2%). The allergy normally appears as a mild rash on the area of application. The protocol to resolve this is listed on the user guide. We do not advise the creams to be used in conjunction with synthesized hormones unless the user is weaning off their use. 

Depression: We suggest the Extreme Menstrual Discomfort or Menopause protocol. 

Endometriosis and PCOS: Many women have reported excellent results in eliminating these disorders. It is recommended that the Extreme Menstrual Discomfort protocol be followed. 

Menstrual Discomfort: Wild yam cream is an excellent medium for addressing menstrual cycle irregularities and disorders, quickly restoring regular healthy cycles, generally within three months, eliminating the associated symptoms of mood swings, pains and cramps, excess bleeding, sore breasts, depression and panic attacks. 

Postpartum Depression: There is strong evidence to suggest that postpartum depression is a progesterone deficiency, and women who have continued through pregnancy, or restarted use of the cream immediately after birth, report no signs of depression when using our cream. 

Pregnancy: Many women have reported successful pregnancies resulting from use of our cream on the Menstrual Discomfort protocol, and were delighted with the advantages in continuing during pregnancy, as a healthy supply of natural hormones helps to minimize or eliminate morning sickness. 

CAUTION: If used during pregnancy, the cream MUST be continued without a break (¼ teaspoon am/pm) to at least the 7th month – it can also be used on the abdomen to reduce stretch marks. 

Thyroid: A healthy supply of natural hormones will very likely overcome a hypoactive (under active) thyroid. Care should be taken to ensure that women using TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) are monitored closely to ensure that they do not become overactive when using the cream. Women report that it can be reduced gradually over three months to a point where it is no longer required. 

Fertility: A large number of women have reported successful pregnancies after restoring their menstrual cycles to normal using the Menstrual Discomfort protocol – which takes on average three months to achieve – all have been delighted with their results including women coming off IVF. 

Fluid retention: Women carrying up to two kilos of additional fluid when using synthesized hormones have reported rapid loss of excess fluid, as have others not on hormone treatment who are suffering from Estrogen Dominance. 

Hormone Replacement: Women can, if they choose to, change over to our wild yam cream successfully. The transition may be uncomfortable as they generally suffer both drug withdrawal symptoms and a return of their menopausal symptoms. (Very few Doctors warn of this consequence) The transition should be gradual over three months, weaning off the former as they commence use of the cream. It is advised that no breaks be taken in the creams application for at least three months during the transition. The discomfort will reduce in frequency and intensity over this period. Women, who have ceased using synthesized hormones for some time and are no longer experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms, should experience little or no discomfort. 

Hysterectomies: Women who have had their ovaries removed benefit from natural hormone production, as the body compensates using alternative endocrine organs and fatty tissues to produce their hormones and have reported identical positive results to other women. These women should follow the Post Menopause protocol and may rub a little cream into the inside of the wrist if experiencing a hot flush or night sweat. 

Menopause: Pre-menstrual women using our cream can expect to enjoy a perfectly natural and uneventful transition to maturity. Menopausal women, who are suffering a range of uncomfortable symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats, depression, mood swings, panic attacks, aches, pains, and intermittent sleep patterns, can expect early relief from their discomfort with the aid of our cream. Using the menopause protocol these symptoms should be eliminated within three months, however not everyone responds in the same time frame. On average most women experience improvements at around two weeks. After three months they should generally be enjoying all the benefits of balanced hormones, and can shift onto maintenance dosage to avoid a return of symptoms. 

NOTE: The biggest mistake women are inclined to make is to cease using the cream as soon as they experience the elated sense of wellbeing resulting from their balanced hormones – if they do their menopausal symptoms will gradually return as the benefits of the cream wear off.


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