Healing with Oils


Powerful Healing Support

Essential oils are absolutely amazing for supporting wellness in general but particularly amazing for emotional healing, which is a big part of the necessary healing process for most people.  It’s one thing to address the physical issues but the physical is often the manifestation of unresolved emotional and mental baggage, which means if you don’t address healing on all levels, you may not heal, will heal much more slowly, or it will come back. 

Jo can both create specific custom made blends for her clients or teach her clients how to recognise what essential oils will be most helpful to them in supporting their healing or inspiring their creativity and expansion, both are major parts of moving from unhealthy to healthy and thriving! 

Jo uses DoTerra oils because after decades of using a variety of other oils, found that these were the highest vibration and potency for real healing and change experienced by the person.  Get your own wholesale account and let Jo guide you in learning how to use this most potent tool to heal yourself and your family and friends.

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