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Restore Your Optimal Health, Happiness & Abundance​

Recognising her natural gift to heal, Jo has been working in the field of wellbeing and healing using multiple modalities, for over 20 years. As a medical intuitive she can literally “see, feel and sense” the trapped emotions and deep emotional traumas being held in different parts of your body and the most important areas that need addressing for you to heal and be abundantly happy.

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We can work together to release and lift emotional baggage and blockages. You will be amazed to see how differently you feel when you heal the underlying cause of your illness using my intuitive customized program I tailor to you. Traditional western medicine focuses solely on your symptoms, but by taking a holistic approach, I can help you see and understand the imbalances that are the cause of your symptoms. Sometimes certain conditions can leave doctors scratching their heads, even with all the benefits of modern medical knowledge. Jo can offer a different point of view that may be the clue to redirecting and empowering you with a supportive program, to support your physical and emotional health status. Allopathic medicine just doesn’t quite cut it

You might be quite a healthy person but are curious about the health and wellbeing of your body. Jo may be able to provide greater insights into keeping your body healthy as you are going forward in your wisdom of years.

Every session is customised for what her clients are most in need of. She has priceless insights about imbalances in the body that certain vitamins and minerals would would address.

Jo teaches in a way that help each person increase their abundance and dissolve financial blocks, or has valuable insights as to the career move that needs to be made for your overall happiness while talking through your issues to gain clarity.

Specialised energetic and frequency work, with the help of certain essential oil blends and other supplements custom made for you, support a journey back to wellness, and thriving harmoniously.

Jo’s unique approach to therapy – “I treat everyone as if they are part of MY family; I care about them like they are my children. I would never do anything or suggest something that I wouldn’t do with my own children. I care that everyone gets to experience optimal wellness and vitality.”

A wife, a mother, a healer and a gifted medical intuitive, Jo has a vast array of experience, expertise, wisdom and an abundance of genuine, divine, love to give to each and every person that works with her. No one walks away the same, only ever better.


Reiki Certified
Certified Soul Coach
Natural Nutritionist

Our Services

Intuitive Readings

Are you in search of answers to life’s challenges or seeking guidance for pivotal moments? Our 30-60 Minute Intuitive Reading sessions offer divine insights to help you navigate curve balls and make impactful life choices. These sessions are your doorway to attaining clarity and finding your way through life’s twists with newfound ease and grace. 

The Genius Scan

Jo’s intuitive gifts coupled with the detailed scan analysis, reveal what’s most important to deal with now, but this scanning technology takes it to a whole other level with Jo’s intuition to connects the dots and provide the road map back to optimal health and wellbeing.

Medical/Return to Optimal Health and Wellbeing Sessions

This is a very unique, extremely in-depth scan that looks at your entire body including your energy body to reveal what is happening on every level to impact your current and future health and well-being.

The Guided Support

These sessions are designed to support you with any goals around your health! With my expertise in holistic health, wellness, and disability, I can support you to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

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