10 Reason We Love Frankincense!

  1. Prevents signs of aging and soothes skin – Frankincense strengthens the skin, improves its tone, enhances elasticity and provides defense mechanisms against bacteria, blemishes and aging signs. It\’s effective for soothing dry or cracked skin and improves appearances of stretch marks, scars and acne. 
  2. Rich in Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic and Anti-fungal properties – What if, from oil, applied topically on skin, one can find the benefits of illness prevention and germs sanitization? Frankincense enhances the body\’s immune ability which in turn helps prevent illnesses and destroy dangerous bacteria and viruses that might affect the skin, the largest organ in the body. 
  3. Promotes Oral Health – Frankincense essential oil used topically on the skin can prevent germs from forming on skin or mouth. Adopted by many people over the centuries to naturally prevent and relieve oral health problems such as cavities, bad breath, gingivitis, mouth sores, toothaches and other infections accolades to the oil\’s antiseptic abilities. 
  4. Reduces Signs of Depressed Skin – Dull, unhappy and depressed skin? Frankincense is full of depression reducing abilities to relax the skin from stressful situations. 
  5. Promotes Skin’s Cell Regeneration – Restful sleep equals glowing skin! Frankincense has a calming and grounding scent that naturally helps one to fall asleep. The scent simply opens up breathing passages which eventually allows the body to reach an ideal sleeping temperature, a vital process in cell regeneration.
  6. Cleanses the skin and Internal Body – As you already know, what’s inside your body will be visible on your skin surface thus the importance of internal cleanse for radiant skin. Frankincense helps cleanse the skin by assisting the digestive system to properly cleanse and detox. It also speeds up the secretion of enzymes responsible for digestion and increases urine production
  7. Reduces body pains – This essential oil reduces pain and cramping in the stomach. Helps eradicate bloating by flushing out excess water from the abdomen, relieves PMS-related stomach pains and provides relief from nausea. It also combats discomforts that accompany menstruation and menopause by balancing hormone levels through regulation of oestrogen production.
  8. Balances Skin\’s and Body\’s Hormone Levels – Every time we think about hormonal balance on the skin, our minds move towards the skin’s natural ability to provide optimum pH balance to combat oiliness, acne and dryness. Frankincense balances hormone levels through regulation of estrogen production, a vital process that helps regulate the skin\’s hormones and reduce formation of cysts, tumors. 
  9. Uplifts your mood – By providing relief from various pains such as headaches, anxiety, fatigue, mood swings, body pains, cramps and improving one’s ability to stay rested at night. Frankincense helps to uplift your spirit and keeps you active.  
  10. May help fight cancer or fight chemotherapy side effects – The cancer killing properties of frankincense are due to its ability to regulate the machinery that influence promotion of gene healing. According to a research that was carried out at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, such ability to regulate the gene healing machinery makes Bowselia a viable candidate for cancer prevention and treatment. 

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