I absolutely love going to see Jo because I always leave feeling 10x better. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone (and I do) because I have been so happy with her help and the services she provides. They have definelty changed my life! She is not only there to help with one problem she is kind and caring and will end up helping you with other things as well. I go to Jo with anything! She is the best of the best!


Jo was recommended by my son’s friend as I was going through a time in my life that I had no one to turn to and was feeling quiet depressed. Throughout my life, I’ve always encountered bad relationships. I had just gotten out of a terrible one and I felt so hopeless and angry with myself. So I decided I needed help to change my life. My first appointment was so relaxing, I felt a world had being lifted off my shoulders. Jo had said so many things to me about myself and I realized I needed to change my ways. So every month I made regular appointments and still 12 months later, I’m keeping up my sessions. Jo has helped me change my ways and patterns. It was hard work and challenging, but she always gave me the tools and I always processed with them. I’ve learnt to be stronger and confident within myself and love me for who I am. I always recommend Jo to people and always say how amazingly Jo has helped me and encouraged me change myself for the better. My sessions are always so welcoming for me that I always have a wonderful experience attending them, as I always learn something new. I’m extremely grateful for learning new things about myself and having made my initial appointment with Jo that helped me though my bad times. It’s always a pleasure walking out of a session feeling so happy and peaceful.
Thank you

Lina M

The services at Melbourne Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy have changed my life since I first attended in 2015. The staff, Jo and Kerry are very welcoming and they offer a lot of services. Some of the service’s I use are Chakra-puncture, Bowen therapy, Hyperbaric Chambers, Body Mapping and ear care. These services along with many more have all helped myself and my family. I highly recommend their services, as they have shown outstanding results in healing the body and mind through natural therapy

Simone M

” I had stomach issues and constant headaches and Jo has helped me overcome that. She has helped me a lot and has made me feel better overall.I would definitely recommend their services!! I have been very happy and feel my life has changed for the better. “

Holly B