Intuitive Readings Only 

Non-Medical Readings

– 30 or 60 mins

These are good sessions for if you have some general questions about what’s blocking you in your life or need some divine guidance in making big life choices. It’s also useful if you want divine information about your children and their struggles so you can better help them as a parent. Any area of your life that you are struggling in for any reason, these readings help you to gain clarity and then know how to navigate or move through them with more ease and grace.

Tools used include tarot cards on top of divine information downloads and guidance given to Jo by your team in spirit/guides etc, specifically for you.

(NB: These sessions are not ideal for in depth medical intuitive information and return-to-health plans.)

Cost: 30 mins $90 or 60 mins $170

No preparation needed, just come with your questions on the day.

Tarot - Intuitive Readings