Exclusive Offer – Unlock Your Wellness

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🎁 Get More When You Spend More: For a limited time, when you invest $150 or more in our premium collection of well-being products from our online shop, you unlock a truly special treat:

🌿 A curated collection of doTERRA essential oils, meticulously handpicked by me for their ability to unlock profound insights and secrets that you need on your wellness journey. Whichever oil you choose from our personally selected range – it comes with a complimentary personalized intuitive reading that delves into the specific benefits that oil can bring to your well-being.

Alternatively, if you prefer a different approach, you can opt to have me draw an essential oil card from my deck and provide a reading based on the card that emerges. This way, your reading becomes a unique blend of guidance and discovery. Just mention you want this option in the box below!

Your reading will be delivered by email or whatsapp voice message- chosen by me on the day of delivery

Please select your essential oil from this list and hit submit:

  • Tea Tree Roll On- 10 ml
  • Brave Roll-On – 10ml
  • Stronger Roll-On – 10ml
  • Forgive Roll- On – 10ml
  • Easy Air Roll- On – 10ml
  • Citronella – 15ml
  • Ginger – 15ml
  • Clove- 15ml
  • Zendocrine -15ml
  • Adaptive – 15ml
  • Turmeric – 15ml


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