Balance Me – Special

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Balance Me is the perfect combination for happy hormones!

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You can’t go wrong with this amazing bundle to perfectly balance your femininity.
Please note we not longer carry the pump form of this product as pictured – you will receive a jar of wild yam cream.
The jar form has worked much better for our lovely customers! No more product waste!!

-Wild Yam Cream in Jar

-Vitamin C Spray

-5ml Roll-on

RRP: $117.95

How to use these products:

Wild Yam Directions:

A woman’s cycle is 28 days and this is how you will determine when to use this cream. You will use this 16 days ON and 12 days OFF- every month. 

NB: Day 1 of your cycle is always the start of your period, bleeding not spotting. 

Protocol for this cream goes as follows:

Day 1 (the start of your period)- Day 11: No cream

Day 12- Day 28 : Apply the Wild Yam cream as follows

Apply 1 tsp in the morning 1x per day. Apply into the skin under your upper arms, forearms, under breasts and around your tummy.

Apply 1 tsp before bed 1x per day. Apply to the inner thighs, chest and neck. 

Continue this procedure until day 28 , always making sure that you apply to different areas of your body for the morning and different areas for night. 

Every woman is different so here are some things you could encounter: 

If you typically have very light periods, start your count on day one of spotting

If you do not have a period, start the cream and stop after 16 days, wait 12 days and begin again

If you have an absent period after the 28th day of your cycle, wait 12 days and begin the cream again.

If you begin bleeding at ANY day outside of your cycle that is now considered day 1 of your cycle. Stop the cream and begin again after 12 days. Repeat this process until your body has been trained to stay within the correct cycle time always stopping at day 28. 

This is a product that you will use throughout the entirety of your life to keep your cycle regulated. 

When you are half way through your jar, please let us know so we can make you more, as this is a custom made product!

Vitamin C Spray: please follow directions provided on the bottle

Roll-On: Please follow directions provided on the bottle


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