Full Body & Energy Medical Scan Session

The Genius Scan Gives an In Depth Medical Analysis & Jo Designs a Return-to-Health Wellbeing Map

This is a very unique, extremely in-depth scan that looks at your entire body including your energy body to reveal what is happening on every level to impact your current and future health and wellbeing. Jo’s intuitive gifts coupled with the detailed scan analysis, reveal what’s most important to deal with now, but this scanning technology takes it to a whole other level with Jo’s intuition to connects the dots and provide the road map back to optimal health and wellbeing.

This is recommended for anyone who has a more serious or complex health issue, either physically, mentally/emotionally or both.

Genius Full Body Scan

It needs a voice imprint and some basic information to do the scan, it then takes Jo 2 – 3 hours of reading the scan output to know what is actually going on, allowing additional intuitive information to be downloaded to Jo from your divine team, filling in any gaps or making more sense of the raw quantum field frequency data output from the scan.  She then collates and translates the information for you to more easily understand.  Included in this session Jo will design a road map to wellness for you.  You can then choose the most appropriate ongoing healing package for you based on what this session reveals.   

For more information on the Genius Scanning Technology, CLICK HERE 

Cost: $170.00

Includes the scan set up, the scan itself, the analysis of all the raw data, plus intuitive downloads for more depth and clarity, plus a 1 hour phone call to give you all of the translated results and your custom designed Return-To-Health-And-Wellbeing Road Map. 

NB: This session is often best at the beginning of a 3/6/9/12 month program focused on identifying and healing complex and more serious health issues.