Medical Intuitive Session

Restore Your Optimal Health & Wellbeing – Healing Sessions

These can be one off sessions however, depending on the issue, most will need regular ongoing sessions for 3 – 6 – 12 months for real healing to take place.

How it works: These are unique and customised to you each and every time and it’s holistic in that you will be working on your mind, emotions, body and spiritual wellbeing. Some sessions will be more mentally focused, some more on emotional healing, chakra balancing or body work. It will be whatever is most important for your optimal healing at the time. With all of the certifications and tools that Jo has at her disposal, you can be assured that she will use any and all of them as needed for your highest good.

Quantum Magical Healing

Sessions May Include:

➤  Just talking as this can often unlock certain emotions and beliefs that are the cause of your blocks or illness/weakness in the body.

➤  Divine healing energy , which is being delivered to you within the session anyway. 

➤  Divine mantras or exercises to do to help shift and heal your issues. 

➤ Sometimes Jo will get a download of supplements or oil blends that will be the most beneficial in healing your body, these are not included in session price. 

➤ Activation of specific acupressure points to help energy flow (stagnate energy causes weakness and illness in the body), which Jo will guide you in doing for yourself.  

➤  Sometimes you will get psychic readings or information passed through from your guides if that is what’s needed most, although in every session divine information is downloaded. 

Cost: One off session $220. 

3/6/9/12 months subscription with 2 x 1 hour sessions $340 per month.

For more complex and serious health issues, it’s recommended you do a Genus Body Scan session.