Exclusive Oil Reading

🌟Unlock Wellness with doTERRA Essential Oil Bundles: Experience Your Unique Reading! 🌟

🌿 Immerse yourself in the powerful benefits of doTERRA Essential Oils and explore our handpicked collection. Each oil is chosen for its ability to unlock profound insights on your wellness journey.
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💛Tea Tree 10ml Roll On, Easy Air 10ml Roll On, Clove 15ml
🌻Zendocrine 15ml, Citronella 15ml
🍋Adaptiv 15ml, Lemon 15ml
💪Stronger 10ml Roll On, Turmeric 15ml
🍊Brave 10ml Roll On, Forgive 10ml Roll On, Wild Orange 15ml
🧡Ginger 15ml

Enjoy the enriching experience of our exclusive essential oil bundles, each thoughtfully curated to combine the unique qualities of different oils. With every bundle you choose, you’ll receive a complimentary personalized intuitive reading. This insightful reading is tailored to capture the essence of your selected bundle, providing you with a holistic reflection that may encompass individual oils as well as the harmonious blend they create. Discover a deeper connection between your chosen bundle and the intuitive guidance offered through our readings.

💜How It Works:

1️⃣ Select your preferred oil bundle from the list and unlock a free reading by making a purchase of $90 or more.
2️⃣ The free reading you receive will be based on the specific benefits of the oil bundle you choose.
3️⃣ Your personalized reading will be delivered to you within 48 hours via WhatsApp voice message or by email after the invoice is paid. The delivery method will be decided by us on the day of delivery.

Elevate your journey towards wellness today with the power of essential oils and intuitive insights. Start shopping now and unlock the extraordinary! 🌟

💛Bundle 💛
Tea Tree 10ml Roll On, Easy Air 10ml Roll On, Clove 15ml 

Zendocrine 15ml, Citronella 15ml 

Adaptiv 15ml, Lemon 15ml

Stronger 10ml Roll On, Turmeric 15ml 

Brave 10ml Roll On, Forgive 10ml Roll On, Wild Orange 15ml 

Ginger 15ml