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Jo has been a psychic intuitive her entire life, working in the field of wellbeing and healing using multiple modalities, for over 15 years. Her main gift is claircognizant which means she just knows plus clairvoyant which means receives information via images and visual information in her mind. By connecting with your energy field she gets a download of information about what is happening in, and for you, and the most important areas that need addressing for you to heal and be abundantly happy.

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Jo Anastasio

Jo has always been able to sense the truth from a lie and just KNOW’s what’s happening for others and also in the world. She has regular premonitions about many things before they happen and is spot on when she gets information about her clients in her sessions. The “downloads” she receives downloads are from Spirit/Source and the Guides/Team in spirit for her clients. Jo just knows what’s an issue, and she receives visuals in her mind that explain what is happening for and with her clients on every level; mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. She also has other tools that she uses to expand on that information to get a very detailed picture of the issues, blocks and solutions too.

Every session is customised in that it very much depends on what the clients is most in need of. Sometimes messages come through from the other side as they help with something the client is struggling with in that moment. Sometimes it’s information about imbalances in the body that certain vitamins and minerals would fix. Sometimes it’s a teaching that will help that person increase their abundance and dissolve financial blocks, or insights as to the career move that needs to be made. Sometimes it’s talking through the issue to gain clarity. Sometimes it’s energetic and frequency work that Jo needs to do and sometimes it’s using certain essential oil blends and other supplements that Jo is able to supply, that are needed to support a journey back to wellness and thriving.


Diploma of Chakra puncture

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Certificate IV Bowen Therapy


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Whatever it is, the session is with the client, Jo as the facilitator/interpreter, and Spirit/Source and is always intended for the highest good of the client. Unlike seeing a counsellor who deals with one area but has no psychic insight into the big picture or hidden issues of the client, nothing can be hidden here. If spirit need you as the client to deal with it, it will come to Jo. Jo will always share what’s coming through that your higher self and Team in spirit need you to know and do, which is always your choice to follow through on.

Jo gets comprehensive and highly accurate information about each person who is meant to work with her. She can see physical, mental, emotional, issues and mental/emotional tissues that are the becoming potential future causes of physical disease, illness and weaknesses in the body. And she can tell if you are lying, you can’t hide stuff from her. Which means she won’t let you lie to yourself either.

Jo’s unique approach to therapy – “I treat everyone as if they are part of MY family; I care about them like they are my child/sister/brother. I would never do or suggest something that I wouldn’t do with my own children. And I care that everyone gets to experience their optimal wellness and vitality, like I care for my own too.”

A wife, a mother, a healer and a gifted intuitive, Jo has a vast array of experience, expertise, wisdom and an abundance of genuine divine love to give to each and every person that works with her. No one walks away the same, only ever better ❤️



Readings Only – 30 or 60 mins

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Medical/Return to Optimal Health and Wellbeing Sessions

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Genius Scan Session for In Depth Medical and Return to Health Wellbeing Road Maps

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